Learn about camping gear from a family that loves to camp.

The right camping gear can be the difference between a miserable weekend and a weekend full of great memories.

The choices are numerous. What you need depends a great deal on you. Our family enjoys camping and has learned a thing or two about getting 'Geared Up' with the proper camping equipment. That being said, your ideas and input are welcome and encouraged.

Whether your interests lie with camp cooking or a family camping tent and sleeping bags. Our desire is to provide you with enough information to make the right camping gear choices.

As well as to provide a place to share campground reviews, camp recipies, tips and ideas.

Our hope is to help people learn about camping gear possibilities and to help them get geared up with the right gear.

Some are wanting to camp in tents or go backpacking into the wild. While others might want to load up the car and head to a favorite campground.


campfire cooking, adjustable fire grate

Still others will be taking their camping trailer or RV camping or traveling to far off destinations.

There are a lot of things to consider as we get geared up or fill in the gear gap.

Each camping outing is a learning experience. That is part of the fun! We meet challenges and enjoy solitude or company while being in the great outdoors.

Much more fun is had if we can stay comfortable and get a goods nights sleep, or good days sleep if people are night Owls.

Camping can be fun in about any kind of weather and all year round with the right gear. Tents come rated for two, three, or four seasons.

Sleeping bags are available in synthetic or Down fill and can keep a person snuggly warm down to temps below zero in some cases.

If a person wants to sleep up off the ground but still have the feel of a tent there are tent trailers and pop-up campers available.

Cooking over an open fire may sound romantic but for those who want a little more refined cooking experience there are camp stoves for everyone from the backpacker to the RV owner.

Please dig through our site and contact us with any ideas. You can add your own camping recipies and review a favorite campground.

Our hope is to develop a camping community to help one another have great camping experiences.

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