Camping Food.

Campfire cooking.

Camping food: So, what do you eat while camping?

It kind of depends on your camping style.

There are some great camping recipe ideas and some awesome pre made easy to fix ideas too.

There are multiple ways of camping and with each comes a few different challenges.

Of course each has its own rewards too.

Keeping food cold is difficult when backpacking.

Who wants to lug a cooler or ice chest around all day over rough terrain? The big challenges are the basics:

• Water.

• Heat for cooking.

• Nonperishable food or Refrigeration.

On our backpacking camping food page we will go into some more specifics.

To conquer a couple of the challenges’ one will need a good backpacking camp stove.

Click the link to visit our camp stove page. For a printable list of backpacking food ideas. Printable PDF food list

One of the most important things is drinking water.

Since it is hard to carry enough water for a multiple day excursion, a person needs a way to get what they need. More on Water filters soon to come.

Car Camping Food.

When car camping, there are more food options. Since size and weight are not nearly as much of an issue as when backpacking.

More camp food ideas for here for this type of outing.

However there are still the challenges of refrigeration, water and heat for cooking.

One can solve the refrigeration problem by freezing some foods and then storing them on ice in a cooler or ice chest. Be sure to cook the meats and perishables before they go bad.

Water can be taken along from a clean water source in large collapsible jugs.

If staying in a campground there may be a clean drinking water source provided.

Then of course one can cook over an open fire or take along a car camping stove / grill. More on stoves on our camp stove pages.

Camp cooking
Camper Trailer, travel trailer

RV, Travel Trailer Camping Food.

Camp cooking while using an RV or travel trailer is probably the easiest of all.

Since one is able to cook on an open fire or take a long a camp stove / grill and usually there is a refrigerator in the RV.

Clean drinking water is usually not an issue either as people are either able to fill the fresh water tank at the campground campground or at home before leaving.

With an RV, a person can cook basically anything that can be cooked from home. Many of them now have microwaves and televisions too.

Good eats! Do you have a favorite camping food? Share it and help others eat great too!

Are you an outdoor gourmet? Other campers would love to hear about your food ideas. There may even be a contest from time to time. Share your best we would love to hear about it!

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