Car Camping Cooking.

Car camping cooking is somewhat like cooking for a group of cowboys in the old west.

Almost like a chuck wagon. One might even find themselves cooking over an open fire.

Space and weight are usually not much of an issue when car or RV camping.

Of course there could be times when the car might seem too small for all your gear. But when compared to a backpack, it is spacious.

Cooking gear for the car camper is usually more than one small stove. There are two burner stoves for car camping cooking and even camp ovens suitable for this type of excursion.

Regular pots and pans can be used as well as a dutch oven which would be way too cumbersome for the backpacker.

Refrigeration will be one of the challenges though.


A cooler or ice chest can help as long as there is ice available.

Although, there are some ice chests with small refrigerators built in.

This will require electricity of some kind to run.

So, what does the car camper need for camp cooking? Well the first thing is either for an open fire or


a small camp stove. There are some items specifically designed for open pit cooking.

Campfire with adjustable cooking grate.


Check out this great selection.

  Some have adjustable grates that swing out from over the fire for stirring or turning while staying away from open flames. 

Since cooking over a fire might require a lot of adjustments to keep the heat at the proper level any adjustment will be welcome.

If the romance of the flame does not excite you then a small camp stove is a great option. The camp stoves use a variety of fuels.

Some use white gas or unleaded gas. Others use small propane cylinders.

The white gas and propane are usually carried by the large discount stores and readily available.


These are also a great thing to have around the home when the power goes out for a few days.

More on Camp stoves here.


Camp Chef even offers a camp stove / oven combination. When camping as a kid, Mom used to bring those cinnamon rolls in a tube and bake them in the morning.

Wow! Were they great! Of course this would not do at home where they were made from scratch!

If cinnamon rolls while camping sound good, here’s a link to a site that has a lot of food designed for the car camper or backpacker.

Even the RV or travel trailer camper will like this stuff!

Great food for the camper!

 So a camp oven might be a great choice for the car camping cooking.

Another superb idea for car camping cooking is the Propane skillet by Coleman. Here again the small propane cylinders are used which makes the skillets easy to use and convenient.

If electricity is available an electric skillet could be used.

Many campgrounds off picnic tables which can be a little hard to cook on. The benches along the sides get in the way.

A small camp table or camp mini kitchen might be a great idea. The

There are two more important things to remember. When car camping cooking water is a necessity.

Always make sure that you have a source for potable water.

Sometimes there will be a potable water source at the campground.

However many folks like to camp in isolation so amenities will be scarce.

Camp kitchen

Example of Car Camping Cooking Kitchen.

A few water jugs might be just the ticket. They are cheap and durable.

The other thing is some sort of camp cooking shelter.

A screen tent or a canopy that will provide shade and shelter from rain will be a welcome addition when cooking in the sun or rain.

screen tent

ShelterLogic 10x20 1-3/8" 8-Leg Canopy with Screen Kit (White)

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