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The letters GPS are seem to be very common to many of us. They stand for ‘Global Positioning System’.

They hit the general market a few years ago, and at that time, they were very expensive.

Today, they seem to be everywhere, even on smartphones. There are at least three brands that seem to be the better known, Garmin, Tom Tom, and Magellan. There are of course many others too.

The compass was the original navigation unit.

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With the advent of the handheld navigation units came an activity known as geocaching. The way it works is, someone puts a small cache somewhere and marks the spot on a website with the coordinates.

Then those with handheld units can use them to locate the hidden cache. Inside the cache is a variety of swag.

The idea is that the finder leaves some sort of swag and signs the guest book and perhaps takes a reminder of their conquest.

Of course this same activity can be done the old fashioned way with a map and compass but, it seems, most people cannot read a map anymore. Let alone a topographical map or a compass.

So, the electronic GPS is a great tool that helps people get somewhere and back home.

It might still be a great idea to learn to read a map though! Batteries do not last forever!

GPS, Swiss Army Knife

So, with the GPS thing, it really boils down to this. Will you be using it for traveling in a vehicle or through the woods? On the road you will need one that has road maps and driving directions.

Off road you will need one programmed with coordinates for back country use. Perhaps there are some out there that do both I am not sure. It would be worth checking into though.

We have put a variety of units in our store. Many of them have reviews when clicked. Please read through all of the reviews carefully before buying one.

Research time will be a worthwhile investment.

With today’s smartphones there may be an app that suits your needs. This would reduce the need to even buy one.

I personally watched a man navigate through downtown Chicago while using his cell phone navigator. It was amazing. The guy was carrying on at least one conversation, navigating on his phone and driving in bumper to bumper traffic! Better him than me eh?

All things aside, look around, check out the many options, and decide what you need or want and then look for the best deal.

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