Tent Heaters: Resources and Information.

Tent Heaters: Imagine a cold winter night; the Northern lights are beyond belief with blues and reds, yellows and oranges. Stars farther than the eye can see.

No moon makes the night even more beautiful.

The campfire now burning low in the snow depression. It is time to turn in and it is getting very cold.

Now is a great time to crawl into a warm tent with a very warm sleeping bag, and a tent heater.

However there are unseen dangers with these heaters. Carbon Monoxide kills many people each year.

Though a tent is usually ventilated it may still be dangerous depending on how big the tent is and the heater itself.

Be sure to read all of the manufacturers’ warnings, cautions, and instructions. And again, do not forget to read the manufacturers’ warnings, cautions and instructions.

Winter camping

Did I mention that it is a must to read and understand all the manufacturers’ warnings……?

I am hoping that the picture is becoming painfully clear.

Two points; 1) winter camping can be unforgettable! And 2) be careful when using a tent heater.

The heaters are becoming better and safer. Some have low oxygen sensors that will shut it off if the oxygen level gets low.

Some have blowers that allow the hot air to be blown into the tent while the fire is outside.

Catalytic converters are helping to keep them safe since they have no flame and have very low emissions. There are a couple of these on the market.

It is still necessary to keep things from getting too close as they are very hot. Even though the emissions are very low ventilation is still a must.

RV winter camping.

No problem getting a campsite this time of year!

There are a variety of Mr. Heater tent heaters. One might be just what you need. Be sure to read the reviews to get a better idea if it will meet your needs.

A Stansport Poratable Butane heater seems like a great choice but one might want to find out about emissions and if it can be used in a tent.

REIs selection is limited to a couple of the Coleman models.

If you really want to stay warm then the

is the way to go. With 70,000 BTUs it will be way to much heat for a small tent.

It might be OK for a larger cabin tent or a trailer.

So, when cabin fever sets in this January, remember a mid-winter camping trip can be a lot of fun and hypothermia can be avoided.

Winter camping

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