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Air beds or air mattresses are a little different than sleeping pads. They are bigger thicker and much heavier.

They come in about all regular home mattress sizes. From full to queen and maybe even king size if a person was to look around.

There are a couple of different materials used for construction. One is PVC which is a little stiffer and heavier but very durable. There is also a lighter material, thermal polyurethane (TPU) which 40% lighter.

Many of the beds are designed for in home use and work great for that purpose. However if you are looking for one for camping then one designed for camping would be a better choice.

The ones designed for camping come with a few different air pump options. Some might have a plug in for the car cigarette lighter and a rechargeable air pump that locks onto the mattress.

AeroBed Adventure Bed is designed for camping. It comes with a a powerful hand held flashlight style pump for quick inflation and deflation. It deflates in under 60 seconds! Great for camping or guests.

Intex Queen Size Inflatable Camping bed. It comes with a rechargeable pump that has three different adaptors for pumping up other things as well. Perhaps a beach ball or floatation device.

It retails for between around $40 +/- depending on size.

Another option is the, Coleman Twin Double-High Quickbed with Electric Pump which is 18" thick. Twice that of some beds. It also includes the air pump.

These are about the best options we were able to find for camping.

The elevated model retails around $70.

If a person has a truck tent or wants an air bed for the back of a pickup. There are some on the market made just for that.

They are form fitted to wheel wells and fit the bed a truck perfectly. TruckBedz "Weekender" Series Truck/SUV Airbed retails for around $140. It can be purchased in a size that is truck specific. It comes with a 12v air pump and is made of TPU.

There are other inflatable beds on the market. See the links below for some places where you can do some shopping around to find the best deal.

Be sure to check the options and think about where it will be used.

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