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Backpacking Cooking Gear:

The gear needed for camp cooking varies widely depending on what camping means to the individual.

It is a little different for everyone.

For some, visions of a small backpacking stove come to mind while others might think of charcoal grill with fifteen burgers or twenty hot dogs sizzling at one time and enough fixings for a small army.

Sausage on the grill.


Backpacking cooking gear is going to be different than for the car camper or the travel trailer /RV camper.

The options are much greater when weight and size are not a factor.


Refrigeration is also a key factor, leaving the RV with the most options.

The backpacker must travel light. Each and every item of backpacking cooking gear should have a purpose.

If one item can serve two purposes all the better. Hence the creation of the Spork.

More Camping Gadgets Here.

Please see our camping gadget page. There are a few very necessary items for the pack. One item is a water filter.

It is hard to cook without water. However a water filter might easily be overlooked.

For a better idea of what one of these filters might look like here is a good water filter link

Hikers filter water.

Once the water is taken care of we need some way to cook. Hence the small backpacking stove. See our backpacking stove page for more on this.

Some stoves come with a cup or pot, to cook in. While some offer a cooking pot as an option.

So far we have a stove, water, and a cooking pot of some kind. But do not forget the utensils.

There are more options here. Some places offer multi use plastic warewhich is light weight for the ultra-light backpacker.

There are even some high tech utensil sets made from exotic metals like titanium.

These are light, strong and pricey and very cool too. Check out this

Optimus Titanium 3-Piece Cutlery Set Okay, so we have cooked our lunch and are ready to eat with our new utensils.

Do we eat from the pot? This might be ok for a couple of lovebirds or the lone camper. But, if camping with a few buddies, this won’t fly.

So, we need something to eat from. Plates and cups? and maybe these Ultralight Nesting Bowlswould come in handy.

Here are some stainless steel cups and plates. They might be too heavy for the ultra-light backpacker.

But, they would be very durable.

But hey! Don’t forget about all the food that does not have to be cooked or can be pre-prepared

Stainless cookware for camping.

dehydrated meals on the market today as well. This takes a lot of the work out of whole operation too!

There are some canned items like: corned beef, Spam, tuna, etc… For more food ideas see our camping food page. In our storte you can find great reviews on some of the best backpacking food items.

Zen Backpacking, has some unique ideas for backpacking cooking gear and resources.

Good eats! Do you have a favorite camping food? Share it and help others eat great too!

Are you an outdoor gourmet? Other campers would love to hear about your food ideas. There may even be a contest from time to time. Share your best we would love to hear about it!

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