Bugs and Insects.

Bugs, insects, spiders, ticks, gnats and mosquitos! Unless a person is some sort of a biologists, one may want to repel these pests while camping.

There are a lot of bug and insect repellants on the market. Some work some do not. Most have a chemical known as Deet and or citronella.

Citronella has its roots in an essential plant oil of some kind. It started out somewhat natural. But today, who knows?  

 One thing is for sure, nature has answers to its own problems usually. There are plants and tree oils that bugs want no part of!

One company put around 15 of these all natural essential plant oils which are known to repel bugs and insects and combined them into a safe effective and chemical free green insect repellant.

For more on this you are welcome to watch the video below. 

The oil product called TerraShield is an all-around product repelling many of the little critters.

But there are other essential oils suited to more specific insects.

Suppose a person’s tent was to become infested with ants. They could use Peppermint oil to put them on the run. Ants for some reason do not like Peppermint.

To use the oil, put 5 -10 drop into a -spritz bottle- and spray around the inside of the tent. Especially any place where they might be getting in.

Peppermint Plant

It is interesting that Peppermint oil also has some -health benefits-

So, having a small bottle of this oil might be a great idea for camping.

For Mosquitoes a person might use TerraShield or could use Lavender oil or even Lemongrass oil. One nice thing about Lavender and Lemongrass is that they also have health benefits.

Lavender and Lemongrass also work to repel ticks! This is good news since ticks give me the creeps!

One of the best things about Lavender is the pleasing aroma and its ability to help the body slip into a restful sleep.

It seems to have a calming effect and is used in many baby products due to its soothing properties.

Lavender essential oil

Black widow spiders might be the biggest pest of all in some parts of the world. Oil of Oregano sends them a packing! This truly is great news to those who are tent camping or RV camping in the southwestern US.

I am sure these things are in other parts of the world as well.

Perhaps a dose of 10-20 drops in a small -spritz bottle- and mixed with grape seed oil for a carrier sprayed around the doors and floors will help keep them at bay.

A couple of awesome things to know, is that these oils are very potent and they are **above** medical grade and considered Therapeutic grade.

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