Camp Saws: Information and Resources.

There are a number of camp saws on the market today. They all seem to have a different style shape or size.

Some are collapsible, some are folding,and some are flexible.

Collapsible ones come apart or collapse down so they can be packed easily.

camp saw

This one has a simple yet functional design and is available from our store.

You can also read the reviews written by those who own or have used one.

There is also a camp saw thet looks like a large pocket knife with many large cutting teeth on the blade.

They usually have their own cary case for easy transport.

This one can also be purchased from our gear store.

One of the easiest to pack saws is the flexible saw.

It is much like a human powered chain saw.

There will be a handle on each end with a cutting chain in the middle.

Many of these come with their own carry pouch wich makes it much easier to pack and keeps things from rubbing on the teeth.

There are different styles of handles and different designs in cutting links.

Both of these models are available in our shopping area.

T-style options are configured in a T shape. The handle fits in the palm of the hand allowing the fingers to wrap around it.

The blade protrudes straight out and sometimes has both wood cutting teeth and bone cutting teeth. Light weight versatile and packs easily.

Which camp saw is the best seems to a matter of practical philosophy.

When talking about what saw to use it seems every backpacker has a different idea.

Some have given up the saw all together in favor of feeding longer firewood into the fire as it burns or breaking up dead fall by hand.

I wonder if breaking it up by hand could produce an injury?

For those who do want a saw there are a few options. It might come down to which one is the lightest for backpackers. Or perhaps which is easiest to carry.

Car campers might not care about weight or size for the most part. They may want to be able cut enough wood to cook on.

Car campers seem to set up a kind of base camp and may return to camp often or in the evenings. Perhaps this will increase the firewood needed.

Whereas a backpacker may want to enjoy a fire for the night and then move on in the morning.

With this in mind a car camper may want a bow saw that will cut larger pieces of wood. These would not need to be puchased at a camping goods store.

Just about any department store with a tool section or outdoor section would have them.

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