Camp Tables.

Camp Tables: Many times there is not enough table space for food preparation when camping.

Of course if a person is camping in a Travel trailer or an RV there will be some counter space available.

Even so, it seems the outdoor table space is usually limited.

Most places have picnic tables which are great to eat on but not so great for cooking. The benches along the sides make it hard to prepare things as a person needs to bend slightly to work.

This leaves the ends of the table with limited space.

So, what is the answer to this quandary? An extra camp table!

Roll up camp table

Heres a great little camping table that rolls up and stores in its own bag.

There are a few options here depending on how much space is available for carrying the table to and from the campsite.


Usually a person will buy a folding table for camping. There are some tables designed specifically for the camper. Car camping, or RV camping it does not matter the extra table space will be welcomed.

The AACG family uses a small TV tray next to the Road Trip Grill for a little extra space. Since the travel trailer is only 18’ long, storage space is limited.

A little extra room to set a dozen eggs and seasonings while cooking breakfast comes in very handy.

There are better options though, if a little more room is available for hauling it to the campsite.

Camp table

Coleman Pack-Away 4-In-1 Camping Table

Most large chain department or discount stores have a camping section and usually some sort of folding table for camping.

Online, or at sporting goods stores, there will be even more options. Some large 5th wheel campers have a lot of storage space for such things. So options are more plentiful.


Camper table

On a recent camping trip we found an acquaintance whose husband had built a table that attached to the frame of the camper.


Since most campers have an outside receptacle, the table worked very well for the Crock Pot full of soup that had been slow cooking.

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