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Camp Cooking:

Why is it when a person is in the great outdoors food tastes so much better?

It seems, for some families, camp cooking has become somewhat of a focal point camping.

Camping couple

Foods we do not normally eat even taste great at times.

 Bacon and eggs cooked over a fire maybe a little too done but oh what joy!

Or corned beef hash out of a can warmed over a fire.

For the backpacker cooking might take on a little different meaning, since they do not carry a refrigerator with them, their menu is limited to some extent.

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However, all cooking requires heat, whether a wood fire, a quiet little gas camp stove for backpackingor a larger camp stove/grill.

With a bigger stove comes the need for

for more car camping cooking gear,camping food and possibly a few extras.

A cooler may or may not be useful or convenient and a camp table might need to be taken with the camper or maybe the location has picnic table.

A log or a big rock might serve as a table for the backpacker. They might be cooking lunch on a cliff 3000 feet above the canyon floor!

But what does a person eat when camping?

There are countless food ideas for RV and Travel trailer camping and there are some great ideas for the backpacker and car camper as well. 

Lone camper by the sea.

Please visit our camping recipes’ page and our camping food pages for more ideas on what to eat.

In time there will also be some ideas for camping supplies and camping checklists on AACG.

There are some great recipes for things like Pemmican with a modern twist that can be pre made and packed ready to eat.

Of course there is the old standby like beef jerky and anything in a can that is ‘heat and serve’.

Kabobs over open fire.

How we cook depends on our priorities and style.

Do we want our camp cooking to be a quick easy no cook meal in a jiffy, or would we rather slow cook something over a fire while sitting in a lawn chair outside the RV.

The idea is to do what we love to do. We at AACG hope to provide our readers with information on a variety of products to suit the many different styles of camping.


Also, we hope many will share their ideas as well. Tell others about a favorite recipe or campground. 

Good eats! Do you have a favorite camping food? Share it and help others eat great too!

Are you an outdoor gourmet? Other campers would love to hear about your food ideas. There may even be a contest from time to time. Share your best we would love to hear about it!

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