Camp Stoves for Backpacking and Camp Cooking

Which camp stoves are best? Well, it all depends on what style of camping a person engages in.

If a person is backpacking, then something small and powerful will be the ticket.

Weight will also be a factor for the backpacker. There are some very good quality small stoves on the market that work well and are very lightweight too.

Jetbold stove for backpacking or Tea at t

One of the biggest names in backpacking stoves is Jetboil.

This is what my best friend has this to say about his Jetboil.

“My constant companion for nearly 10 years. "Old Faithfull “ has never failed to start, or perform flawlessly.

Its simple elegant, and functional design makes it space saving,

and fuel efficient.The fuel canister and burner unit store inside the cup when the job is done."

In short he loves it! It is a daily use companion for brewing a cup of tea on the road or at the office.

Jetboil has a couple of models to choose from.The Jetboil Flash is a personal cooking system designed to be compact.

The parts are all contained inside the cup / canister when not in use.

Lone hiker and a spot of Tea

There is a temp indicator integrated into the sides. It gets points for style and performance and is priced at around $100.

The Flash has a close sibling called the

Another little cooker is the

Lighter and cheaper might be a good thing. It may be just the ticket to suit your style of camping.

Backpacking, Mountai trail


MSR also has a couple models to choose from.

Coleman also offers a couple little infernos as well.

They offer one called the Firestorm, which is a multi fuel stove.

It might be a good idea to have different fuel options!

Camp Stove Considerations.

There are a few things to consider when looking for a good camp stove.

Ignition: Does it have matchless ignition?

Matches can be cumbersome when trying to light one with gloves on after walking in the rain for a couple of hours.

Matchless or electronic ignition will not be regretted. Of course you could still use a match if need be.

Fuel availability: Can a person get fuel for the stove at a discount store?

Some of the stoves use butane canisters which are carried by almost all sporting goods stores, while the local large discount store might not have them.

Simmer ability: Will it stay lit while simmering? Will a small breeze blow it out?

Some fuel stoves burn very hot but are hard to use to simmer due to the inability to stay lit at low flame.

Adverse weather usability: Does it work well in bad weather such as rain, snow or wind?

Bivy tent, winter camping

Boil time: How long does it take for the camp stove to boil water? This data is usually given in an amount of time to boil a certain amount of water.

Glove friendly: Are the controls large enough and located in such a way as to be easily used when wearing gloves?

Usually all of this information will be in the product descriptions and in reviews listed with each product from the links mentioned above.

Our hope is that we can help people get matched up with the right camping gear for them. It can make all the difference in the world.

Happy Camping!

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