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Campground reviews: What makes a campground worth traveling to? Campgrounds vary widely in amenities, features and feel. Most are family friendly but most also seem to to center around a tourist location or on the activities available.

What we look for in a campgrounds varies widely too. The AACG Team enjoys campsites with some shade and a good playground for the kids.

One without sand is best. Sand just gets everywhere. Wood chips or an all-weather surface is best.

Good bike trails are a plus as well. Some might want some good fishing or kayaking.

Others might want to climb rocks or see birds.

Some folks like to play on the water; ski, party, boat, etc.

Some just want to lie on the beach and turn their skin a nice tan color.

But whatever it is for each of us it is good to know a little about the places we are heading to before we get there and find that we made a mistake.

People who camp have some great stories, and those that have experience are great teachers. Just sharing about a campground, the look and feel of the place, or the activities available can be of much help to those looking to travel in the area.

Our AACG team tries to write reviews on the places we visit and share the details that are important to us.

Perhaps our readers have things they like to see in a campground and if so, please write a review of your favorite places and share your stories.

Others will love to read and comment on your campground reviews.

Our team likes to travel to different areas at different times of the year. Wisconsin is a great place to see the fall colors and get apples in the fall.

Many places are great in the spring as the trees and flowers bloom.

Sometimes there are fairs that come around only once a year. State fairs come to mind here.

Then there are theme parks with water parks that also have a place to camp. The opportunities seem endless until a person wants to find just the right place for a weekend trip.

If you like to camp and want to learn about some great places you an read about some great campgrounds by scrolling on daown the page. Then again, if you have something to share, you can o that too.

Been to a great campground lately?

We are anxious to hear about it! Please remember to tell its location as well.

What Other Visitors Have Said

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Iowa, Oakland Mills Campground. Near Mt. Pleasant. 
The Oakland Mills campground sits right on the Skunk River. There are three campgrounds there. Two are right along the river banks and one is on top of …

Iowa, Honey Creek Resort Not rated yet
The AACG team recently stayed at Honey Creek Resort on Rathbun Lake. Where do we start? This place is great! There is a beautiful lodge nestled next to …

Wisconsin, Wayalusing Wisconsin Ridge Campground. Not rated yet
What a view! This campground and park are full of scenic views! Looking to the north one looks over the city of Prairie Du Chein and to the northwest …

Iowa, Ledges State Park Near Boone, Iowa Not rated yet
Ledges State Park near Boone Iowa is a heavily wooded park with semi private camping sites as well a large center area with a playground and campsites …

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