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Campgrounds: So, now that we are geared up, or at least have a good start. Just where do we go camping? What do we look for in a place to camp?

Unsure about how to camp? Need more ideas?

Camping Together; Have you ever been camping? Want to learn something about camping?

Camping-Together covers all aspect of camping from the basic tent to the luxuary motor home.

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There are a lot of places out there. Some of them cater to specific types of campers and some are pretty basic.

Suppose a person wants to take along their favorite horse, Mr. Ed, and wants a place that is horse friendly. Then a person would look for an equestrian camping place.

equestrian campground, horse riding

The same goes for fishermen who might want to camp close to a river or lake and have aboat ramp close by.

This type would have hitching rails and perhaps corrals to keep the horses in. They might also have trails or open areas to ride on.

Then again, if a person wanted to ride bicycle trails or mountain bike trails then a person would look for one with access to bike trails.

mountain biking, trail

Vacationers: Imagine the vacation spot you’ve dreamed of. Does it have a beach, sports you enjoy, how about a good time for the kids? From big game fishing for dad, shopping for mom, to go carts for the kids,

Pensacola Florida is the place for your camping and fishing destination.


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The ladies of the camp might want to camp near a shopping center or close to one. Or maybe they want to fish too.

A family might look for a variety of things when considering where to camp.

The family list might include:

• Playground base, sand or wood chips.

• Consider the distance from camper to water.

• The condition of the campground showers and bathrooms

. • Is there clean water for camper use?

• Is there sewer access or a dump station?

• Electrical power hookups might be a must.

• Are campfires allowed?

• Are pets allowed?

• What outdoor activities are in the area?

• Any good restaurants close by?

There are a lot of outdoor activities and usually there are campgrounds around for the people who love the activities.

For those who love camping and RVing enough to adopt the RVing life the link below is a great resource.

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Do you have a favorite place to camp? What do you love about it?

Looking for a great campground? Visit one lately? Read campground reviews or submit a review to share.

Our campground Review Page can help.

We will start by telling about a recent camping trip.

The AACG family went to a small country park for a weekend camp outing. We traveled to the park and found it to right next to a small river.

The Oakland Mills county park in Southeast Iowa is a small park with three places to camp. There is one campground with about 40 sites + Or - .

There is also a campground which is a little further from the road on the other side of the river.

Close to the river there is a large hill with a shelter house some trails and a few more camping sites.

People camp in tents, pop-ups, RV’s and travel trailers. There is a historic bridge and Damn with plenty of fishing opportunities.

Many people like to camp right next to the water where they can be around the camper and fish at the same time.

There is a playground there which has river rock for a base and a very popular café. “Butches’ River Rock Café” they have the best pie in the world and great tenderloins!

Occasionally the café will host a band on a Saturday evening.

It is a great place to just relax, walk a few trails and fish or, during the beginning of September a person could camp there and take in the Old Threshers Reunion.

One of the great things about this park is the Nature Center.

Click here for more.

Oakland Mills / Henry County Nature Center

More Iowa Campgrounds Here.

Have a great story to tell? Best camping moment? Ever seen Bigfoot while camping?

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