Camping Food for Backpacking.

Camping food: Well we may as well face it; we most likely will not be eating gourmet meals while out on the trail.

But, this does not mean we cannot eat good tasting food! There are a lot of great options.

There a couple of culinary trails to travel here.

A person might take easy to prepare food or take ready to eat foods.

There are easy foods that require water and heat and some just need heat. While others need no preparation at all.

Some examples of just add water and heat foods are;

• Pancakes, oatmeal, Malto-meal, etc...

• Pasta, like mac and cheese. (Available almost everywhere.)

• MRE's or dehydrated meals.

• Self-heating meals.

With the self-heating Meals there is no need for a stove. Although a stove for a cup of tea or coffee might still be a good idea.

Our store has some backpacking food and reviews of some of the best pack meals available.

Good eats! Do you have a favorite camping food? Share it and help others eat great too!

Are you an outdoor gourmet? Other campers would love to hear about your food ideas. There may even be a contest from time to time. Share your best we would love to hear about it!

Some camping food, for backpacking, just needs heat. Canned meats and raw vegetables come to mind here. Some ideas include;

• Canned meat fajitas. Use canned chicken, fresh peppers and onions, seasoning and tortillas.

• Spam. It can be fried or chunked and added to mac and cheese.

• Tuna. Just pop open the can and use a fork.

• Potatoes. Sliced and fried or boiled.

• Canned or fresh veggies

• Soup in a can.

On a recent camping trip we fixed canned chicken fajitas. A small backpacking stove was used to sauté the peppers and onions. Canned chicken was added with spices.

Then, because we forgot the tortillas, we put the mix on saltine crackers.

Believe it or not, it tasted great!

Then, of course the easiest thing to do is to eat ready to eat foods like;

• Pemmican. Backwoods home has a great peanut butter Pemmican recipe.


Backwoods Home Peanut butter Pemmican.

• Jerky

• Power bars

• Cliff bars

• Granola

• Nuts.

• Fiber bars

• Cereal bars

Trail mix, peanuts and dried fruit

• Trail mix

• Meal replacement bars

• Flat bread with peanut butter and jelly.

Whatever the menu, a person may want to have a variety of things to choose from.

Sometimes weight will be more of issue than others, so, lighter dehydrated foods or meals will be a great choice.

Printable PDF of Camping food for backpacking.

We at AACG would love your input as well. Please use our contact page if there is something we need to add. Any Backpacking or camping food ideas will be welcomed.

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