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Camping gadgets and other tools: There are numerous options here. It seems man has always had some sort of desire to be prepared and ready for any circumstance.

Hence the club carried by early man or the bow and arrows of Native American’s.

Even today many wear Hunting Knives and carry fire starters when trekking through dense forest.

Today there is a tool or camping gadget for just about every purpose imaginable. Then there are usually many different versions of each type of tool.

Suppose a person has decided to carry a camp saw. They then need to wade through the many options. There are folding saws, bow saws, collapsible saws and even flexible saws.

For More information and resources on the different camp saws available visit our camp saw page

So, now that the wood is cut, how do we set it ablaze? A

fire starter of some kind can help with this chore. Here again which one of the many options is the right fit?

For fire starting options see our fire starter page.With the fire now dancing in the cool night air, it is time to eat.

"How on earth is a person supposed to open this can of corned beef hash?" Hmmmm?

This would be quite a quandary if we had forgotten our trusty

multi-tool As the name might imply the humble multi-tool is ready for just about anything including opening a can of corned beef hash.

Now we have a fire going and have settled down to a nice dinner cooked on our trusty camp stove. The sunset is beautiful this time of year.

But ultimately the sun goes down and the need for lantern or flashlight rises.

Fortunately we have made a great choice in lighting. Lanterns as with all other camping equipment have evolved and morphed in many directions.

Which one is best depends on the perspective; does a person want one that is small and lightweight or larger and more powerful?

As the evening turns to night it is time to crawl into a comfy warm sleeping bag. Perhaps a tent heater Some of the more popular camping gadgets are:

Fire starters





GPS for hiking & driving


Pocket Knife


Trekking Poles

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Of course a trip to any sporting goods store with a camping section or a click at one of links below might add even more options to the list.

The idea is to have what you need when you need it without hauling too much stuff around. While it is a good idea to be prepared, there is something to be said for being efficient also.

There seems to be endless options when it comes to gadgets for camping.

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