Camping Gear Rental: Information and Resources.

Turns out camping gear rental is more common than some might think.

There are businesses that rent all kinds of camping gear from via the internet.

They ship the gear to you, after the rental term is up you send it back.

Normal wear and tear is acceptable but, the companies like to have the gear back free of heavy mud and any kind of mildew or mold.

Why would camping gear rental be a good idea?

I guess it might be a lot cheaper than buying everything needed for a one time camping excursion.

It might also be a good idea to try renting some gear that you are considering buying. A person might find out it is not what they expected.

On the other hand, if the rental works out great it may be worth buying. Some of the gear renters also sell camping gear.

The Yellowstone area has places that will rent a person an RV or a pop-up camper and a vehicle to pull it with.

This might be a great idea for those who like to camp in a trailer but do not want to pull their camper half way across the country to get to Yellowstone.

The list here will by no means be an all-inclusive list since there are many great parks in America and perhaps many of them have rental businesses around them.

One of the internet renters is Camping gear rental. They rent tents for backpackers and smaller dome tents water hydration systems, camp cooking gear and more.

They even rent personal rescue devices. A great idea when a person is going into unfamiliar territory or someplace with potential hazards.

(Bears, unpredictable weather, fall hazards, et cetera.)

They rent about everything a camper / backpacker could want.

REI rents camping equipment too. REI is one of those companies that is passionate about the outdoors.

Their “Stewardship” link details their goals for a sustainable outdoors.

It seems this level of integrity has a lot to do with their success. has a unique idea in the rental business.

They allow people a way to try gear before they buy it. Once a person ‘Tries it’ and decides to buy it the rental price is used toward the purchase price.

Please read through their camping gear rental page for details.

They have about all camping gear for the backpacker or car camper.

Much like the other places, they rent quality equipment.

If you want to ‘Demo’ or ‘Try it’ with the option to buy, they will try to make sure you get brand new equipment for your rental.

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