All about camping tents.

Camping tents come in a wide variety of shapes, colors and sizes.There are family tents for an occasional weekend outing and tents for what I call the "Lunatic Extreme".

Gone are the days of the canvas 'Pup Tent'. Remember the musty smell of canvas?

Now there are dome tents and family camping tents

dome tent, two person tent,
family camping tent, cabin ten

made of high tech materials which are lighter stronger and mucheasier to pitch (set up).

Most tent campers are just out to have a good time on the weekends

with family but, there are those that want to pitch a tent in 100 mph winds and temperatures of 50 below zero!

No need to get cold when winter camping.

Visit our Tent Heater page. for more on tent heaters

When looking for a tent there are a few things to consider:

How often you will be using it.

The number of people likely to be sleeping in it at one time.

Construction and quality, will it be waterproof?

Is it rated for summer use or a three season tent?

If eating outside, or sleeping under the stars a screen tent might be a welcome addition. For more on personal, family or flea market style screen tents visit our Screen Tent page.

There are also some 'Tent Trailers' on the market. Some of these can be pulled by economy cars because they are very lightweight.

There is one that doubles as an ATV trailer. The tent can be unfolded and set up when the ATVs are unloaded.

It provides a spacious place to sleep, up off the ground, which can be an obvious plus in some areas. It might give you a fighting chance against the creepy crawlys!

tent trailer, compact camping, popup, fold dow

Photo coutesy of Compact Camping Designs.

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truck tent. It is a tent that utilizes the bed of a pickup for a sleeping area.

This might work out great for the beach camper or surfer dude! Check out the link below for more on water sports.

truck tent, adventure 1,

All About Water Sports. We are devoted to Watermen & Water Sports. Centered in Cabarete, Dominican Republic we live the sports we do.

Family camping tent

This is a larger tent. This type of tent is great for car camping. It can be used as kind of a basecamp for a fun filled weekend.

It would be too heavy for backpacking. Where as a dome tent or a bivey tent might be just right.

For some, a tent trailer might be the best option.

Everyones needs are different and our desire is help people have a great time with family and friends while camping.

Whether you are looking for a camping tent for a large family, a two person dome tent, a one person Bivy tent or one of the new tent trailer hybrids we will try to help you wade through options.

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