Car Camping Food.

The biggest difference between backpacking food and car camping food is the ability to keep food cold. The use of a cooler or ice chest dramatically changes the menu.

It is easy to add meat to the menu when it can be keep cold until ready to use. One can even extend the shelf life by freezing some items before adding them to the cooler.

Of course one must always be careful about spoilage.

For car camping food designed to keep well and be easy to prepare click here to visit Cache Lake.

Car Camping

Another change in the car camping arena is the ability to carry more of a camp stove, as well as more camp cookware. There are even ovens available for car camping.

Camp Chef offers a stove/oven combo This allows for more complex car camping food dishes to be prepared if a person chooses to. Might even be able to make a camping style pizza!

Camp cooking can be a lot of fun with the right camping gear.

It might be a good rule of thumb to use the foods that spoil more easily first. Or, a person can keep adding ice to the cooler and keep close watch on the food.

Some food suggestions include:

• Pancakes,and since we have cooler, we can have sausage too!

• Eggs and bacon are now possible too.

• Sandwiches are easier since we can keep the lunch meat cold.

• The Daiy farmers will like that wecan add Milk and Cheese.

• Fruits like watermelon and cantaloupe can also hitch a ride.

Bacon and eggs, great camping food.

Bacon and Eggs cooked over an open fire... always a hit!

Pancakes, flapjacks

Flapjacks are easy camping food. Brign the batter pre made in an old ketchup bottle!

It really boils down to anything we can take backpacking we can take for lunch when car camping, plus a lot more.

If a person wants cook over a campfire there are a few camping supplies that will be needed.

• We will need some sort of fire grate to cook on.

• Some non-stick cooking spray or oil will make flipping pancakes and eggs much easier.

• Pot holders/ oven mitts will be welcome also

For a more extensive list of camping food ideas click here for a downloadable PDF.

AACG would also love to hear from you. Send us your thoughts and food ideas. There is a good chance we will add it the site.

One of the great things about cooking in general is that the only limit is our imagination.

Everyone’s favorite camping food might be different. Variety: the spice of life.

This brings me to a valuable point. Whether backpacking or car camping: one might want to remember the spices so as not to have everything really bland tasting.

This GSI outdoor kitchen might help.

Or this ‘Spice Missile’ designed for outdoor use.

Some folks love cooking over an open fire with pie irons. Here again use the imagination and send in your favorites creations.

Good eats! Do you have a favorite camping food? Share it and help others eat great too!

Are you an outdoor gourmet? Other campers would love to hear about your food ideas. There may even be a contest from time to time. Share your best we would love to hear about it!

RV camping food.

Camping food for this kind of camping amounts to, everything on the backpacking and car camping list, and more.

Most RV's and travel trailers have refrigerators, freezers and microwaves! Just like home!

Again, we would love to hear from you and learn about your favorite recipes.

AACG will be adding a Camping Recipe page soon.

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