Information and resources for car camping stoves.

Car Camping stoves; Not everyone who camps uses a backpack. For some, camping means loading up the car and heading off to a great campground or favorite place in the woods.

For this type of camping people are not limited by weight or size for the most part. So, a larger camp stove becomes convenient and favorable.

Car camping.

There are a lot of stoves available. Some use ‘white gas’ or unleaded gas while others use disposable propane cylinders.

Probably the most popular camp stove maker would be Coleman. But there are others.

It folds up or collapses when not in use. There are stove grates, griddles, and grill grates available. It is a great choice for family camping.

Coleman Roadtrip

However, there are smaller options from Coleman.

There are a couple of table top models to choose from as well.

The Coleman all in one cooking system  options include a stove grate, grill grate, and griddle.

One of the great things about these Coleman stoves is that they use disposable propane cylinders which are available at most discount stores.

Should the power ever go out at home, one of these portable stoves might be a big help. Especially if a person keeps a few extra propane cylinders on hand.

There is also an adapter that allows a person to hook them up to a larger refillable propane tank.

It might be a good idea to keep stocked up on Propane.

Some of the things to think about when looking for one would be wind shields to help keep the burners from blowing out on a windy day.

These are sides which rise up on the back and ends of the stove to block the wind.

There are a couple of good choices for this kind of family cooking stove.

Small propane tank.

The Coleman Red Tabletop Propane Grill, and the
Coleman Two Burner Electronic Ignition Propane Grill Stove.

Another great brand is Camp Chef; they offer a outdoor camp oven with grill This seems like a great idea!

I remember cinnamon rolls out of a tube, baked in the oven, in our little camper when camping as a kid!

Fuel type is a consideration as some of the fuels are not available in regular discount stores.

So, multi fuel car camping stoves might be something to look for depending on the area.

Now one might find themselves musing with the romance of cooking over a wood fire.

This does seem to have a high level of attraction. This adjustable cooking grate could help make open fire cooking a little easier and safer.

Open fire cooking grate

However, desire might quickly fade when cleaning pots and pans that have been used over an open fire.

Or when biting into drumstick burnt to a crisp on the outside and raw in the middle.

Of course, one might need to eat everything raw on a dry year when fires are prohibited! Yikes!

Of course there are some good recipes for camping foods that do not require cooking.

Such as Peanut Butter Pemmican or Granola trail mix. Tea is easy enough to cook over a fire though.

So, be sure to take some tea from and enjoy a hot drink and some great homemade Granola on your next camping trip.

That being said, it is hard to beat a hot dog roasted on the end of a stick

Hot dog on a stick

Memories of helping Grandpa cut sticks for weenie roast are flooding my mind.

If cooking on the romantic heat and smoke of an open fire doesn't seem like the thing to do, except for the occasional weenie roast, then a person might be looking for a car camping stove.

Well, like most things, variety and pricing vary from place to place. Shopping around is the key.

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