Coolers and Ice Chests.

Yeti 50 qt.

Coolers and ice chests are a must for most car campers. They are economical and available at almost all department stores.

However, as with most things, are not all created equal.

Some manufacturers have focused lots of energy in building a better ice chest.

Some have added handy features to make their product better suited to the buyer.

Some of the higher quality ones keep ice longer and are more durable. Not to mention more expensive.

We just need to decide which of the one fits our needs.

Buying a $500 chest to use three or four times a year might not the best choice.

Likewise, if a person uses the cooler almost daily, a high quality ice chest might be a great choice.

When looking for an ice chest, there are some things to consider.

Some might have a 'day' rating. This is a rating of how many days it keep ice frozen.

Of course, environmental conditions will make a difference.

A five day rating is pretty good. Crushed or cubed ice will melt faster than block ice. Cubes will cool down warm bottles or cans more quickly though

It is always a good idea to pre chill things before putting them into the chest. Then not as much ice will melt in initial cool down.

One might want accessories like padlock holes, tie down systems, handles or maybe seat cushions too.

Some of the more expensive and higher quality ones have these options.

One of the highest quality ones on the market is the Yeti. This thing is reported to be built like a Humvee.

There are a lot of extras available too.

Yeti Roadie 20 qt.

One of the highest quality ones on the market is the Yeti. This thing is reported to be built like a Humvee.

There are a lot of extras available too.

Visit our store for more great coolers.

The Yeti Tundra.

High performance Engel chest.

Yeti even sells some swag like caps and shirts with their logo. The Yeti website shows videos of grizzly bears trying to outwit one of their ice chests.

They claim a bear proof certification! Click the link below which opens a new window to see this and more yeti options.

Clearly, Yeti makes some of the best on the market.

Another of the heavy hitters in the ice chest biz is Engel.

They offer a number of great models to choose from. Many of theirs have refrigerator or freezer units built in.

Of course they offer regular ice chests as well. Engel chests are claimed to have the original 5 day rating.

They are one of the highest quality available. However, they might be great choice for the intermittent user or car camper as well.

More common to the camping scene are the Igloo, Coleman, and Rubbermaid families. For the average camper these will do just fine.

Even within these brands there are various levels of quality.

Igloo has a great selection of ice chests of all sizes. They offer from personal up to larger ones with all terrain wheels.

Igloo seems to be a great choice for campers or anyone else that needs to keep things chilled on a regular basis and they are much more affordable than the Yeti or an Engel products.

The Igloo Marine Breeze.

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