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Family Camping Tents: When choosing a tent or large camping tents, there are quite a few decisions to make.

As with other camping equpment like sleeping bags, the options and features vary widely between tents.

Some of the more expensive tents offer add on things like vestibules and door mats for shoes and boots.

Some family camping tents offer multiple room dividers and more than one door. Extra doors might be a plus if someone needs to get to a bathroom in middle of the night

Not sure what brand the pictured tent is but it shows a good rain fly and a bathtub floor

Of course moisture may also come from rain water seeping through seems, doors and windows.

Dome tent, camping in the springtime.

A full rain fly helps prevent rain water from leaking in as well.

May be a good idea to compare prices.

Here is a place that sells Big Agnes Tents.

The store. It is a dome style car camping or base camp tent. It comes with a full rain fly and is well ventilated. The floor is bathtub style waterproof material which comes up the sides of the tent a few inches.

There is a standard welcome mat by the door. It appears to have only one door though which may not be a big deal to the user. One of the great things about it is the optional vestibule which is large enough to store enough gear for six people.

It does not come with the tent but can be bought separate along with a loft and a footprint tarp to place on the ground before setting up the tent. It will help extend the life of the floor material.

The Big Agnes Big House 6 retails for between $300 and $400 which may be more than the average buyer wants to spend. It is however of very good quality and if cared for properly should last for many years.

Another of the leading family camping tents is The North Face‘Mountain Manor 8’which has room dividers and a vestibule area.

Another benefit of this would be the reputation for quality The North Face products have. The price may be the drawback at around $600. Here again, if cared for properly, it could last for many years.

There is a great tent buyers guide at It is packed full of great information on tents.

On the more economical side. offers a few large camping tents by Coleman and Embark.

There are a couple of 8-person family tents and one very large Coleman tent That measures 14’ by 10’ and has a 9’ ceiling height.

All of these family camping tents are between $100 and $200 and seem to have great reviews from people who have bought them. They have some of the same features as the more expensive tents for less money.

The construction materials may or may not be the same, but, for the family that camps a few times a year it may be the right fit. However, the family that camps every weekend and in bad weather the more expensive tents might be cheaper in the long run.

It really depends on the need. One thing to consider is that one may need to purchase other things like sleeping bags, mummy bags,camp stoves and camp cooking equipment also.

It may also be a good idea to try thing out before you buy. Like test driving a car.

Camping Gear Rental is possible both online and at some retail stores.

So, the essence is that there is a choice between higher quality more expensive tents and more economical tents that may not be ‘hand it down to the next generation’ quality. One may need to evaluate the need before buying anything and regretting the purchase.

I took some pictures at a local campground the other day to show some of tents set up and in action as they were meant to be. Should you need information on a smaller 2-4 person dome tent we cover the options on another page.

We took this picture at a local campground.

Seemed to be just pitched and ready for the weekend.

The weather was kind of rainy and I wonder if the rain fly covered enough of the tent.

However, I imagine a good time was had by all.

Family camping tent.
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