Iowa Campgrounds: Ledges State Park Campground Review

Ledges State Park

The AACG family recently visited one of the Iowa Campgrounds called 'Ledges State Park' near Boone Iowa for a Fall Camping excursion.

We had not been to this park before and did not know what to expect. Of course we looked at it on the internet but sometimes it is hard to tell much about a place with just online info.

We made reservations for a campsite with electricity. The reservation system worked perfectly and we found our name on the correct spot.

This is one of most heavily wooded Iowa campgrounds with mature Oak and Hickory trees, among many others.

There is a large central park area with campsites all around.

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There are branches off the main center with semi private campsites which have trees on both sides. There is also an area for group camping.

The showers are modern and on the same cleanliness as most State Park Iowa campgrounds which is that they are kept clean and functional.

Fall camping might find a person a little cool while using one though.

The playground is has a sand base which makes Mrs. AACG a little disappointed as sand seems to make her skin crawl.

Not to mention is makes a mess in the camper.

The AACG family found their stay at the Ledges a very enjoyable one and also found the surrounding area to have a lot to offer as well.

Scenic train ride,
steam train engine boon iowa

Historic Train Rides at Boone Iowa.

There is a Boone Scenic Valley Railroad which offers a few different train rides through the beautiful Des Moines River Valley.

Please visit their website for more. Boone Scenic Valley Railroad. Boone is only a few minutes north of the campground. The Rail station offers rides, a museum, and a gift shop.

One of the best things the team did was visit Center Grove Orchard. A trip here will take about a day in itself. There is so much to do there.

Learn Much More at Center Grove Orchard.

apple, bushels

Upon our visit there we were greeted by a wonderfully friendly staff.

The whole area was landscaped impeccably.

Simply beautiful, and barrels of fun!

Gormet Caramel Apples
Apple orchard showroom

Inside their store there were fresh baked apple turnovers, apple dumplings, cake, apple cider doughnuts and caramel apples.

Then, much to my delight, there was even a coffee / espresso bar!

This Place is great!

A wonderful place to visit if you like baked goods, apples or have youngsters looking for something fun to do!

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