Camping Lanterns.

Lanterns, flashlights or candles, lighting of some kind will be a must for most camping trips. Sometimes the moon will do a pretty good job for us but extra light will always make things easier.

So the need for some sort of lighting comes into play. Wouldn’t you know, as with anything else camping related, the options are numerous once again.

There are many different styles and types available. The same is true for flashlights.

As with most camping items, what to buy depends on how we camp.

• Are we walking a hundred yards into the timber or a hundred miles?

• Perhaps we are driving to camping spot and will be close to our car while camping.

• Then again, just maybe, we have given up on tents all together and are now camping in an RV or travel trailer.

In any case, we will most likely need light. Even if just to find that last piece of peanut butter pemmican in your backpack at midnight.

Word of caution: Bears like pemmican too!

If a person is backpacking they will most likely want something small compact and reliable.

Candles might be a good option except for the fire hazard. What might be better is a battery powered lantern.

Today’s LED technology is making lights smaller, more powerful, and energy efficient. Three little AAA batteries can now put out a lot of light!

One popular backpacking illuminator is the Black Diamond Orbit. It uses Four AAA batteries has a dimming function plus a high setting of(45) lumens and low setting of (10) lumens.

What is a lumen? It is simply a measurement of how much illumination a light source puts off.

Lights are generally categorized by wattage which is measurement of power consumption. A few years ago companies were asked to list the lumens too or instead.

Coleman 8D Square Pack-Away with Remote Control.

battery powered lantern, camping lantern, coleman lanter

This one is battery powered which might be a great option.

Extra batteries would be a plus on longer camping trips.

Another great battery powered option.

LED camping lantern, Primus lanter

Primus LED model.

There are also some that use the same fuel as the small backpacking stove. Though, if you want cook after dark this may present a problem.

The convenience might work for some or even most people. It really depends on what works for the individual.

Maybe a small battery powered model would have light enough. An ultra-light backpacker might have a better option for their style of camping.

Car, RV camping lanterns.

Without the issues of size and weight, there are more options for the car camper.

Fuel options remain about the same. However the light requirements may be greater for a family that wants to sit around the picnic table playing cards late into the night.

An old style kerosene lanterns puts out just about the right amount of light for a table or for cooking. While some more powerful propane or multi-fuel ones might be too bright.

Some of the more powerful will light up a whole campsite though. It really depends on what the need is.

Here are some examples.

Coleman NorthStar PerfectFlow With Soft Carry Case

Camping lantern, car campin

Coleman Premium Dual-Fuel

Dual Fuel lantern, car camping lanter
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There are far too many options to list them all here. For a wide variety of all the best lanterns and reviews please visit our camping gear store.

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