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Motorcycle Camping is becoming more popular all the time. It seems every year there are more and more motorcycles on the road.

The free spirited lifestyle seems to appeal to a lot of people today. Both men and women like to ride and socialize with other bikers.

The AACG team ran across this happy couple on a recent camp outing. It was on her birthday and they were just leaving the campground.

The prior evening, they rolled in and set up a tent and rolled out the sleeping bags. It was beautiful night for motorcycle camping and relaxing after a long ride that day.

Here in the States as a person travels down the highways and byways there always seems to be strings of bikers heading somewhere.

Many of them are like this happy couple, going somewhere for camping or for a gathering, otherwise known as a biker rally.

There are even small camper trailers that are pulled behind a motorcycle! With today’s gas prices traveling with a motorcycle might be the best way to go!


Perhaps the best known biker trip would be to the Black Hills area of South Dakota. Every summer in Sturgis S.D. what must be the nation’s biggest bike rally is held. Bikers from all over the country head to the hills.

Most of them do so with the intent to do some motorcycle camping along the way or camp when they get there.

Of course, not everyone wants to ride a Harley and go to rallies. There are those who tour the country on touring bikes. The big four Japanese bike makers all make a touring bike.

Some of the best touring bikes come from England, Britain, and Italy.

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Many of these riders will tour the country alone.

Whatever style of rider one might be, motorcycle touring has a lot to offer. There are many products out there to make it more enjoyable, there are even groups and clubs for each type of riding.

It is true that one of the best ways to see the countryside is from the vantage point of a motorcycle, especially if a person is willing to get ofthe main highways and byways to see some of the back country.

Been to a great campground lately?

We are anxious to hear about it! Please remember to tell its location as well.

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