Pop Up Campers:

POP Up campers have been around for almost 100 years! Yes it is true. Who would have thunk it! The idea is simple really.

Combine a tent and a travel trailer in a sort of hybrid camping shelter.

With today’s economy and the focus on green living, the feel of being part of nature when camping is becoming more desirable.

Sleeping in a tent trailer allows the person to feel more like part of nature than sleeping in an all hard sided travel trailer.

Camping in a pop up camper requires a little more set up time and of course a little more pack time than some other types of campers. But, for some, it is worth it.

To get set up, after finding your camping spot, first a person will need to level the trailer sideways and then use the hitch crank to level the trailer front to rear.

Pop Up Camper

NOTE it is very important to use wheel chocks to keep the trailer from rolling once it is un-hitched!!

Put them in place before unhooking from the tow vehicle. Spoken from the voice of experience.

Once level, it is then time to crank up the top of the camper. This might be done by an electric motor on some makes or it might be done using a hand crank. The idea is to raise the roof!

Once the top is popped and in place then the ends are pulled into position. The ends are normally the beds. Any sideways slide outs will also be extended at this time.

Put any door parts and interior parts in place and it is time for fun!

Pop Up Camper

The smaller ones might also come without air conditioning or an oven. But then those things are not found in tents either.

On the other hand some of them are almost as heavy as a small travel trailer. and can have slides which are

extensions of the living area that slide out the side of the camper.

They can have nearly everything in them that a regular trailer might have.

Air conditioning, stove and oven, bathroom with shower, TV, microwave, stereo, outside stove, LP tanks, and maybe even a furnace.

I spent a few nights in a fold down camper as a kid. Our little camper was pulled behind a compact station wagon. It slept 6 people and had an oven. The oven was especially nice in the morning when Mom would cook cinnamon rolls from one of those tubes!

For more camping food ideas see our camping food section.

In a nutshell, the advantages of a fold down or pop up camper are smaller size and weight, easier storage, they can be pulled with a smalled tow vehicle, and may be found to more affordable than their bigger cousins .

There are some very small pop up campers on the market that can be pulled with smaller cars and mini pickups. The reduced size and weight usually comes with reduced features as well. One might find an ice-box as opposed to a refrigerator.

One of the great things about popup campers is the versatility. They can be pulled into smaller places by smaller tow vehicles and there are options such as putting bike racks on top of the camper.

For more on bike racks a great site to review is


Bicycling is one of those great activities that is becoming more popular every day. Camping and cycling go together very well.

Many campgrounds have access to paved trails and off road trails too.

Fold down campers are a great way to get into camping and still be able to afford to have some fun.

A friend and I went tent camping early in the spring one year and there was a family there in a fold down.

It snowed that night but it did not stop the fun as we could hear them playing board games and laughing eventhough it was cold and nasty outside that night.

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