Screen Tents; Information and Resources.

Screen tents can come in very handy during just about any outdoor activity, from tailgating to flea markets and more.

One thing that many may not be aware of is the many styles and types of screen tents.

Some are designed to be very sturdy and weather resistant.

Some are designed for the single backpacker to sleep in and avoid the bugs. Some of these are referred to as ‘bug huts’.They are similar to the bivy tents.

Some are designed for two people and look similar to dome tents made out of mesh. These are made for the backpacker or car camper who wants to travel light.

Sometimes people use a bigger screen room for an outdoor party or a place for the family to gather and eat with the flies buzzing around the outside looking for a way in.

Some of them have floors and some do not. It could be that a floor might be more hassle than it is worth depending on the usage.

People might be in and out a lot and tracking in dirt dust and mud. Then it will need to be swept out.

Camping by the lake
Screen tent

Sometimes a grass carpet is best. Some critters might find their way in under the edge but most of the flying insects will stay out.

With this type it is a good idea to keep the bottom edge of the tent tight and then tent stakes in good and solid.

This is very solid model that would last for years.

It might also be great for flea markets or some sort of catering business. It is an overhead canopy with a screen kit.

It does not have a floor but is very large and weather resistant.

Great Screen Tent, Flea Market canop

ShelterLogic 10x20 1-3/8" 8-Leg Canopy with Screen Kit (White)

If a smaller backpacking style bug hut is more your style then this one man bug hut might be the ticket. Carey Single Sleep Screen

One of the most amazing ideas in screenery is the North Face Docking Station.

Docking station tent

It is a cross between the space station a screen room and multiple camping tents all in one.

There a center hub section and there are different sizes of tents designed to attach to the different sides of the hub section.

One of the attachments’ is a screen room.

For a group of campers that want to hang out together but have a little privacy at night it is a great idea.

Of course The North Face has other options as well. They are more geared towards the camper than the family get together.

One handy idea in screen tents is not really a screen tent but a privacy shelter which could be used for multiple camping purposes.

Use as a toilet, shower room, or changing room.

See a full selection of privacy shelters here.

For more screens click here to go to the AACG store.

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