Synthetic Sleeping Bag: Information and Resources.

Okay, so here we are at the polyfil or synthetic sleeping bag page.

As was discussed before, the advantages of the poly fill bags are lower cost, thermal retention even when wet, and comparable loft to the more expensive Down bags.

If you are less concerned about weight and more concerned about cost and being warm even if you are wet then this is the right place.

Hopefully the right information will here to help with good camping gear choices.

Man-made materials have come a long way since the invention of the sleeping bag.

Now, poly fill bags are warm and very light weight. They pack down pretty small too.

They might be just a hair heavier and a little larger but unless you’re an ultra-light backpacker the difference will be minimal.

Here again it is a good idea to remember that some of the dealer brands are of very good quality and usually cheaper as well. So shop and compare.

Look below for some of our better finds and then shop the links.We hope to help you make great camping gear choices.

Starting with warm weather bags then moving on to some rated for colder weather.

Some of the best sleeping bags.

The UltraLamina +45 Synthetic Sleeping Bag by Mountain Hardwear gets great reviews but be sure to check for the right size. They come in long, regular and short. This bag appears to be a good pick and costs about $110.

Sleeping bags.

Kelty Light Year XP 40 Synthetic Sleeping Bag sleeping bag gets great reviews and Kelty is known for quality camping gear. At about $110 this is a pretty sweet deal.

Ok the weather is getting colder now!

Big Agnes Elbert SL 35 Degree PrimaLoft SB bag is packed with great features and gets great reviews. There is even a pocket for the sleeping pad. Covered on another page here at AACG. Might be a great deal at around $150 +or-.

Big Agnes Gunn Creek Sleeping Bag: 30 Degree Synthetic might be a great deal at around $50-$80 dollars.

ALPS Mountaineering® Crescent Lake 0 Degree F Mummy Bag Long gets mixed reviews but the price might be right at about $80. Be sure to check the reviews on this one. It will be just the right fit for some not for others.

There are many more to chose from in our store!

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