The tent trailer is a great concept! With higher gas prices these new ultra light travel trailers may be the next big thing.

They are less expensive than regular travel trailers and can be pulled easily with much smaller vehicles.

They offer lower cost, versatility, and low tow weight.

Some are designed for off-road use. We have found one that doubles as an ATV trailer.

The ATVs are parked on a deck raised about a foot from where the floor would normally be. Under the top deck is a large tent that folds out. People sleep up off the ground and it folds up easily when the weekend is over.

To be honest, this is a really cool idea! has what could be the 'next big thing'. Here's a look at the their product and some comments from the owner.

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The owner of Compact Camping Concepts describes their concept this way...

"I believe our DIY focused camping trailers, tailored to smaller vehicles, are unique in the RV industry. Our solutions are inspired by the simplicity of vintage tent trailers and aimed at those who enjoy “unplugged” camping."

The tents on top are self erecting and up off the ground which has some obvious advantages.

The trailers weigh in at around 400lbs. and have space for storage, a gally area and can be built to fit the need.

Of course, a person may still need to get geared up with sleeping bags, a camp cook stove and maybe even a tent heater. As mentioned earlier, there is another trailer designed for multiple uses. 'Lifetime' offers one that has a large three room tent that folds out once the top is unloaded.

There is a top deck for ATVs or other items and a lower deck where a tent is inside a protective cover.

The trailer unfolds and the tent is erected in a large spacious living area.

This one would be great for almost any kind of outdoor recreation or camping on a hunting trip out in the wild.

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