Truck Tents: Information and Resources.

Truck Tents are an option for those with a pickup or an SUV. These tents are simply a tent that fits in back of a pickup or attaches to the back of an SUV.

One advantage is that you have a sleeping place up off the ground. In the SUV tents there is always a dry place inside the vehicles.

There a few of these on the market although they are not as plentiful as regular tents.

One of the disadvantages is that once the tent is set up in back of the pickup it would not be a good idea to drive down the highway.

Likewise in the SUV model attaches to back end of the vehicle and, though it might be possible, to detach and drive away it would be a hassle.

Just something to think about before you jump in with both feet. A person may also want to check out the tent trailer option.

They come in different sizes to fit different size pickups and SUV’s. Some use the tail gate area for extra room. Some leave the tailgate outside the tent.

Some have extra rooms off the end of the truck. This makes for a sleeping area in the truck bed and then room for other activities as well.

Even though a person is up off the ground one may still need a good sleeping bag and a tent heater if the weather is cool.

Some of the best camping is in the fall when it starts to turn cold in the evenings.

The fall colors can be very beautiful. Here are some of the options.

Be sure to read reviews and compare to be sure it will suit your needs. Some have great reviews.

This really boils down to fitting the tent to your style and needs.

One example of the truck tent is the is one option It has a rainfly and five vents and windows.

This tent gets great reviews and comes in three different sizes. Cost is is about $270.

A great example of an SUV Truck tent is this Rightline Gear 110910 CampRight SUV Tent It fits onto the back of an SUV or truck with a topper maybe. It has a cabin tent off the end of the vehicle.

So, there is a room for activities and camping gear. There is also an integrated gear loft and it has 1000mm waterproof coating. If a person likes this style of tent and does not want to be tied down to their tent while camping, then the tent trailer might be a great choice.

Another option is the Sportz Avalanche Truck Tent III It boasts three season comfort and comes with a 6 foot rainfly. It weighs only 20 pounds and gets good reviews.

The price tag reads about $240.

On the higher end is this canvas model available from Amazon.

The Kodiak Canvas Short Truck Bed Full-size Tent Truck Tent has rails that attaché to the bed rails of the truck and covers the tailgate area to maximize space.

It is durable, rugged and made of 8.5-oz. cotton duck canvas.

It is truly a rugged tent option and has a price tag arounf $350.

The big daddy of SUV tents seems to be the Sportz SUV Blue/Grey Tent with Screen Room It can be used as a stand-alone tent, or an SUV tent, The SUV sleeve can be removed. It has a screen room and an awning. It retails for between $330 and $400.

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